Kfar Hananya

Kefar Hananya


Geographic Details

Upper Galilee

32.92267257369924     35.42014718055725     Open the map in a new window

More Geographic Info: www.latlong.net/c/?lat=32.92267257369924&long=35.42014718055725

Archaeological Evidences

Late Roman and/or Byzantnine

Joseph Braslavy (1933), Zvi Ilan (1979-1989)

Walls of public building. Architectural elements. Bronze lamp with inscription may have come from synagogue (Ilan 1991: 154). Possibly another public structure on the southwest of the village may be a synagogue.

Aramaic (Naveh 1978: 34-36)

Selected Bibliography
  1. Ilan, Z. Ancient Synagogues in Israel. Tel Aviv, 1991: 153-154, (Hebrew).
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