Religion: Jewish

Archaeological Evidences:

Period: Late Roman and/or Byzantine
Excavation: Excavated
Excavators: Asher Ovadiah (1967. 1976)
Main Finds: Columns and apse. Mosaic with depiction of King David.
Inscriptions: Hebrew (Naveh 1978: 91: CIIP Vol. 3: 432-433), Greek (Roth-Gerson 1987: 91-97; Werlin 2015: 257-260: CIIP Vol 3: 430-432, 434-441)
Mosaics: yes
Site Condition: Unknown. Mosiac floor on display at the Good Samaritan Museum. Entrance Fee.
Greek inscription, Ovadiah 1969 plate 15 b, courtesy of Asher Ovadiah and the Israel Exploration Society

Geographic Details

Geographical Region: Coastal Plain

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Plans and Drawings:


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