About The Project

This website was established in 2016, and provides information such as bibliographical references, geographical location, photos, plans and brief descriptions of ancient synagogues from the Roman and Byzantine periods in the Land of Israel.

This site will be constantly updated including the latest relevant research news and scholarly works. A search of bibliographical references is currently in preparation.

Dothan 1968: Plate 1. Courtesy of the Israel Exploration Society
ארכיון גדעון פרסטר


Bert Bornblum died at age 96. He left a lasting legacy in terms of his contributions to education. Bert donated millions toward numerous education efforts in Memphis. His donations helped build the Bornblum Solomon Schechter School, including setting up an endowment that means every student at that school will receive a healthy gift to offset tuition


Ancient Synagogues

Explore all the Ancient synagogues, that excavated or not excavated, at the land of Israel.

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