Hamat Gader

Other Name: Hammath Gader
Religion: Jewish

Archaeological Evidences:

Period: Late Roman and/or Byzantine
Excavation: Excavated
Excavators: Eliezer Sukenik (1932), Gideon Foerster (1982, 1983)
Main Finds: Ornamental mosaic floor. Many inscriptions, marble chancel with menorah.
Inscriptions: Aramaic (Naveh 1978: 54-64)
Mosaics: Yes. Partly removed.
Site Condition: Inside tourist spa site, entrance fee. Currently no remains are visible. The mosaic is on display at the entrance to the Supreme Court in Jerusalem.
General view after excavation, Sukenik 1935: plate VI

Geographic Details

Geographical Region: Golan
Unnamed Road, Sha’ar HaGolan, ישראל
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