Kokhav HaYarden

Religion: Jewish

Archaeological Evidences:

Period: Late Roman and/or Byzantine
Excavation: Unexcavated
Selected Surveyors: Meir Ben Dov (1966), from the Crusader fortress excavation.
Main Finds: Lintel with menorah, inscription and architectural fragments. Some of the latter are in the fortress and some at En HaYadid.
Inscriptions: Aramaic (Naveh 1978: 70-72)
Site Condition: Kochav Hayarden-Inside national park. En Hayadid-accessible. The menorah is in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.
Site Editors Note: The finds from the crusader fortress that belonged to a synagogue may have come from the ancient village at Ein HaYadid about 500 meters south east of the fortress.
Menorah lintel in Israel museum, courtesy of Abraham Graicer all rights reserved for Abraham Graicer

Geographic Details

Geographical Region: Lower Galilee
Unnamed Road, Israel
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