Other Name: Katzrin, Qatzrin
Religion: Jewish

Archaeological Evidences:

Period: Late Roman and/or Byzantine
Excavation: Excavated
Excavators: Dan Urman (1971-1972), Moni Ben Ari and Shmuel Bar Lev (1975-1976), Zvi Maoz, Ann Killebrew and Rachel Hachlili (1982-1984)
Main Finds: Building with monumental entrance, benches and menorah decorations
Inscriptions: Aramaic (Urman 1995: 469-478)
Mosaics: Yes (Floor no. 2 only partial surviving remains)
Site Condition: Inside a park, entrance fee
Looking east, Gilead Peli all rights reserved

Geographic Details

Geographical Region: Golan
Longitude: 35.70407749683806
Latitude: 32.98905913750905

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