Religion: Jewish

Archaeological Evidences

Period: Late Roman and/or Byzantnine
Excavation: Excavated
Excavators: Zeev Weiss and Ehud Netzer (1993-1994) Zeev Weiss (1996-1998)
Main Findes: Mosaic with menorah, zodiac, temple ritual and biblical scenes.
Inscriptions: Hebrew (Weiss 2005:199-202), Aramaic (Weiss 2005: 202-208), Greek ( Weiss 2005: 209-216)
Mosaics: yes
Site Condition: National park entrance fee. 28₪ per adult, 14₪ per child

Geographic Details

Geographical Region: Lower Galilee
שביל ישראל, ציפורי, ישראל

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