Religion: Jewish

Archaeological Evidences

Period: Roman-Byzantine
Excavation: Excavated
Excavators: Jacob Ori (1947), Michael Avi-Yonah (1956, 1962)
Main Finds: Mosiac floor with Hebrew and Greek inscriptions.
Characters: Mosaic, Hebrew Inscription, Greek Inscription
Inscriptions: Hebrew (Naveh 1978: 87-90), Greek (Roth-Gerson 1987: 113-124: CIIP Vol. II: 55-64)
Mosaics: yes
Site Condition: National park entrance fee. 39₪ per adult, 24₪ per child, 33₪ per student.

Geographic Details

Geographical Region: Coastal Plain
שביל ישראל, ג’סר א זרקא, ישראל
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