Other Name: Kefar Nahum
Religion: Jewish

Archaeological Evidences:

Period: Late Roman and/or Byzantine
Excavation: Excavated
Excavators: Heinrich Kohl and Carl Watzinger (1905), Gaudence Orfali (1921-1926), Virgil Corbo and Stanisalo Loffreda (1969-1974)
Main Finds: Synagogue built of limestone on top of basalt stone. Many ornamental architectural features were uncovered, including a seven-branched candelabra and a wagon bearing a shrine. Dating of the structure is debated by scholars.
Inscriptions: Aramaic (Naveh 1978: 30-31), Greek (Roth-Gerson 1987: 87-90)
Site Condition: Tourist site. Entrance Fee.
Aerial photo, courtesy of Abraham Graicer all rights reserved to Abraham Graicer

Geographic Details

Geographical Region: Lower Galilee
Capernaum Synagogue, Israel

Selected Bibliography:

Selected Bibliography
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